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Fastest Growing Asphalt Paving Company Moment

Donovan Paving is the fastest growing asphalt paving company in the Northern Virginia area. I recently sat down with Mark Donovan CEO of Donovan Paving to discuss the growth of his company over the past year compared to previous years and the results were shocking.

Mark Donovan has been an Asphalt Contractor for over 5 years and growing rapidly. He grew up in the Northern Virginia area and pretty popular among the locals. There are several asphalt contractors in the area and the competition is fierce and at times cut-throat. Because of his unique management style and savvy business practices he has stayed ahead of his competitors.

Our conversation was in interesting one:

Given that many of your competitors have 20+ years of experience, how
have you managed to stay in business?

There is so much work to be done in the area that we don’t let that get in the way. We simply prove our worth by our quality of work and customer satisfaction.

What is your secret to the growth of your company?

Having an understanding that as small business owner that I can’t do it all and I need to rely on my staff and incorporating an advertising. I had been paying for services like Yext, Home Advisor, and Yellow Pages but I was not receiving the results that I needed. I felt like I plateaued and not gaining any new business or growing for that matter. Someone had referred me TripleE Fusion and at first I was skeptical because I had tried Online Marketing before. But I have to say they were like a breath of fresh air.

What did TripleE Fusion do different than the other online marketing companies?

They treated me like a person and not just a small business owner. They catered to my specific company needs, educated us, and set clear goals that we understood. Working with a local company has been huge benefit to us because I know who I am working with and they are easy to get a hold of.

Would you recommend TripleE Fusion?

Yes, I would definetly recommend TripleE Fusion. I will say this, your company better be ready to handle the new business. Working with TripleE Fusion, we have identified some areas of our internal procedures that we needed to improve on. Since we have improved our procedures we are expanding our crews to handle more business and
expect to double our business.

For more information on Donovan Paving visit their website:
Donovan Paving