• Keep Your Reputation

    Keep Your Reputation

  • Improve Your Reputation

    Improve Your Reputation

  • Boost Your Reputation

    Boost Your Reputation

  • Tell Your Side Of The Story

    Tell Your Side Of The Story

Reputation Marketing

Do you know your online Reputation?

Bad Reviews

Having Bad Reviews is an uphill battle but can be handled. Respond to the Bad Reviews in a calm and professional manner offering a solution to the problem.

By responding you are telling your side of the story so future customers can see that you care.

No Reviews

Having No Reviews makes your business appear as though it treats it customers poorly because no one will leave you a review or even worse your business appears to be out of business.

No Online Reviews this can be as damaging as having Bad Online Reviews.

Online Reviews Determine Customer Purchases

According to a study by BrightLocal, 90% of people reported using online reviews to help them decide to purchase from the business. You can be assured that Online Reviews are not a trend or going away anytime soon. In fact popular search engines are like Google, Yahoo, and Bing are placing more importance on companies online reviews in their algorithms.

How do you get Reviews?

  • Ask – Simply asking your customers to leave you a review is half the battle.
  • Print – Displaying a brochure or table tent with directions on how to leave a review can go along way.
  • Text or Email – Send an email to your past and present customers to leave you a review.

Market Your Reputation

After collecting your Online Reviews from your customers, boast and post them online on your social media like Facebook Business Page, Google+ Business Page, and LinkedIn to name a few.

Announcing these amazing reviews will remind your past and future customers to come an visit you.

Use the reviews in your sales materials and any other print material.

Reputation Plan

A Reputation Marketing Strategy should have the following:
  • Ability to build your reputation
  • A way to market your reputation
  • A way to monitor and report your reputation
  • Promote your sales with your reputation
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